Saturday 10th July  2021

Collegiate Church of St. Endellion
A Musical Stay-cation


Rebecca Clarke

Sonata for Viola and Piano (1st mvt)

Viola & Piano 

Rebecca Clarke,  The Seal Man 

Voice & Piano 

Felix Harold White

The Nymph's Complaint for the Death of her Fawn

Oboe, Viola & Piano 

Frank Bridge

Three Songs for Voice, Viola and Piano 

1. Far, far from each other

(Matthew Arnold)

2. Where is it that our soul doth go?

(Heine, trans. K. F. Kroeker)

3. Music when soft voices die


Voice, Viola & Piano 

Gerald Finzi

Interlude (Op. 21)

Oboe and piano 

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Oh Roses 

When I am Dead My Dearest 

(from Six Sorrowful Songs

Voice & Piano 

Robert Burns arr. John Cuthbert 

Lassie lie near me 

Comin' thro the rye 

Voice, Viola, Oboe & Piano